Our Specialty designs are innovative modular structures for those seeking to differentiate their venue with a statement shade structure. Emphasizing aesthetics, these shade structures are tailored for a heightened architectural look.

  • Modular shade structures with unique design qualities that provide a contemporary aesthetic
  • Base Plate, Recessed Base Plate, or Embed mounting designs
  • Shadesure or Colourshade FR (DSA-approved) fabrics available
  • Zinc-rich primer available for added corrosion protection around waterfront or wet areas
butterfly-wings-up Royal Tents & Shades

Butterfly Wings-Up

A popular design choice for parks and zoological applications, our Butterfly structures come in 3 configuration options: Wings-Up, Wings-Flat, or Wings-Down.

butterfly-w_down Royal Tents & Shades

Butterfly Wings-Down

With 8 separate fabric panels for the wings, a wide variety of color options are possible to make these structures pop or follow a specific color theme.

Butterfly Wings-Flat

Mixing and matching butterfly configurations and fabric color panels for the wings create a dynamic and whimsical look and feel.

flower-petals-up Royal Tents & Shades

Flower Petals-Up

Our Flower structures provides plenty of shade with a whimsical look and feel.

flower_flat Royal Tents & Shades

Flower Petals-Flat

A popular design choice for parks, playgrounds, and amusement parks, the Flower comes in 3 configuration options: Petals-Up, Petals-Flat, and Petals-Down.

flower-petals-down Royal Tents & Shades

Flower Petals-Down

Our Flower structures are fun and whimsical design option popular for playgrounds, zoo, botanical gardens, and amusement parks.

solana Royal Tents & Shades


Solana shade structures are perfect for shading small seating areas and benches, pool decks and baby pools, sandboxes, and much more.

aurora Royal Tents & Shades


One of our latest single-post designs, the Aurora structure incorporates turnbuckles and cabling to tension the fabric top into its unique shape.

pegasus Royal Tents & Shades


Our Pegasus shade structures represent the marriage of fabric structures and art.

Cantilever Disc

The Cantilever Disc is a minimalistic design with a framed circular fabric shade suspended by a sleek, curved column.

arbor Royal Tents & Shades


This Arbor design is inspired by the trees in their natural environment. The four arms mimic the limbs and the tensioned fabric is reminiscent of natural tree foliage.

two-post-linksfield Royal Tents & Shades

Two Post Linksfield

Linksfield structures are commonly used to shade small bench seat areas and small walkways.

two-post-sandton Royal Tents & Shades

Two Post Sandton

Available in two- and four-post configurations, the Sandton structure is ideal for shading small outdoor seating areas, particularly benches in/around tennis courts.

eclipse Royal Tents & Shades


Inspired the form of a partial solar eclipse, the Eclipse design provides an elegant look for amphitheaters, benches, transportation stops, and other outdoor seating areas.

luna Royal Tents & Shades


Shaped like a crescent, the Luna design has two columns and a curved roofline.


The Orion is a stylish structure that gives outdoor spaces a signature look.

tryaquarius Royal Tents & Shades


Our elegant Aquarius design is a sculptural shade solution with curved steel purlins and generous shade coverage.

sahara Royal Tents & Shades


The Sahara is a new take on the Hip design; it offers the same functionality as our standard structures with four columns and internal framing, the conical shape adds aesthetics to any park or school.