Cantilever structures are ideal for venues where the shaded area needs to remain free of columns. From covered parking and auto dealerships to bleachers, pool areas, driving ranges, and more, our Cantilever line includes a wide variety of designs to meet your requirements.

  • Cantilevers provide shade over areas that require unobstructed spaces such as walkways, bus stops, automotive parking, and more
  • Base Plate, Recessed Base Plate, or Embed mounting designs
  • Shadesure or Colourshade FR (DSA-approved) fabrics available
  • Zinc-rich primer available for added corrosion protection around waterfront or wet areas
single-pp_cantilever Royal Tents & Shades

Single Post Pyramid Cantilever

Our Single Post Pyramid Cantilever structures can provide almost 200 square feet of shade from a single column.

sp-hexagon-canti Royal Tents & Shades

Single Post Hexagon Cantilever

The Single Post Hexagon Cantilever is perfect for outdoor seating areas.

cantilever-disc Royal Tents & Shades

Cantilever Disc

The Cantilever Disc is a minimalist design with a framed circular fabric shade suspended by a sleek, curved column.

full-hip-cantilever Royal Tents & Shades

Full Hip Cantilever

A very popular choice for the automotive market, these structures can also be utilized for a wide variety of applications from seating areas, to pool sides, and much more.

Tri-Truss Cantilever

Widely used for shading vehicles, our Tri-Truss Cantilever structures are also ideal for shading areas where the columns need to be placed out of the way.

Full Arch Cantilever

The curved roof line of our Arch Cantilever structure provides clean aesthetics for vehicle parking applications.

cypress-cantilever Royal Tents & Shades

Cypress Cantilever

One of our latest cantilever designs, the Cypress Cantilever structure features a pitched roof system from front to back, as well as the spectacular look of the bow from side to side.

smallerpanorama Royal Tents & Shades


Our Panorama cantilever design features an elegant arched roof, and is ideally suited for shading vehicles and more.

slanted-canti-wing-framed Royal Tents & Shades

Slanted Cantilever Wing Framed

This cantilever structure features a front-to-rear sloped roof section, providing a new look from our standard cantilever design.


Inspired the form of a partial solar eclipse, the Eclipse design provides an elegant look for amphitheaters, benches, transportation stops, and other outdoor seating areas.


Shaped like a crescent, the Luna design has two columns and a curved roofline.

cantilever-arch-walkway Royal Tents & Shades

Cantilever Arch Walkway

The Cantilever Arch Walkway is perfect for providing shade coverage for walkways, transportation stations, bus stops, and many other applications.

hip-t-canti-single Royal Tents & Shades

Hip T-Cantilever

The Hip T-Cantilever can effectively provide a large area of shade without obstructing walkways or seating areas beneth. This structure is great for bleachers, sidewalks, bus stops, and benches.

orion Royal Tents & Shades


The Orion is a stylish structure that gives outdoor spaces a signature look.


Our elegant Aquarius design is a sculptural shade solution with curved steel purlins and generous shade coverage.

cantilever-hypar-sails Royal Tents & Shades

Cantilever Hypar Sails

The Cantilever Hypar Sails slightly twists the fabric to give it a unique shade look.


Great for covered parking and outdoor seating area, the Arch-Truss provides a unique shade look for spaces that need columns out of the way.

Slanted Cantilever Wing Cabled

The Slanted Cantilever Wing Cabled design has two columns and a tilted-up fabric top with a clean edge to increase shade coverage at an angle.