When you need more than just shade, give your venue a vibrant, unique look with a Multi-Sided structure. From Octagons to the popular Mariner designs, we have the shade solution you need to modernize your space.

  • Base Plate, Recessed Base Plate, or Embed mounting designs
  • Shadesure® or Colourshade® FR (DSA-approved) fabrics available
  • Multi-sided structures are a great option for large or irregularly shaped areas
  • Zinc-rich primer available for added corrosion protection around waterfront or wet areas

Single Post Hexagon

The Single Post Hexagon is a single-column structure with 6 fabric attachments and a pointed top.

Single Post Octagon

The Single Post Octagon is a single-column structure with 8 fabric attachments and a pointed top.

sp-hexagon-canti- Royal Tents & Shades

Single Post Hexagon Cantilever

The Single Post Hexagon Cantilever is perfect for outdoor seating areas.


For asymmetrical, elongated areas, our Triangle can be an ideal shade solution.

5-Point Sail

With five separate columns all at varying heights, the fabric top of the 5-Point Sails structure can be “formed” to create an innovative look and provide plenty of shade.

hexagon Royal Tents & Shades


Hexagon structures are ideal for shading round areas, or those areas where a center column cannot be accommodated.

hexagon-multi-panel Royal Tents & Shades

Hexagon Multi-Panel

Shade large diameter areas while also using various fabric panel colors to match your location or theme.

mariner-hexagon Royal Tents & Shades

Mariner Hexagon

The Mariner Hexagon incorporates upper and lower fabric layers to provide plenty of shade and a unique look.

octagon Royal Tents & Shades


When conventional Hip or Pyramid units are not large enough to shade your required area, our Octagon structure can be an ideal solution, with available sizes up to 60′ in diameter.

ss-octagon Royal Tents & Shades

Super Span Octagon Multi-Level Multi-Panel

One of our most grand shade structures, the Super Span Octagon Multi-Level Multi-Panel combines many of our design schemes into one structure.