Squares & Rectangles


The “workhorse” of our product line, Square and Rectangle shade structures are simple in design and cost-effective. Ideal for shading a wide variety of areas including pools, play spaces, outdoor seating, automotive detail areas, and more. The hip and pyramid roof designs features clean, straight lines – a popular look for surrounding buildings and structures.

  • Base Plate, Recessed Base Plate, or Embed mounting designs
  • Shadesure® or Colourshade® FR (DSA-approved) fabrics available
  • Zinc-rich primer available for added corrosion protection around waterfront or wet areas
single-post-pyramid Royal tents & Shades

Single Post Pyramid

Our Single Post Pyramid structures can provide almost 200 square feet of shade from a single column.

single-pp_cantilever Royal tents & Shades

Single Post Pyramid Cantilever

Our Single Post Pyramid Cantilever structures can provide almost 200 square feet of shade from a single column.

Two Post Hip

Utilizing just two columns, our Two Post Hip structure provides over 300 square feet of shade, and is one of our most cost-effective designs!

Full Hip Cantilever

A very popular choice for the automotive market, these structures can also be utilized for a wide variety of applications from seating areas, to pool sides, and much more.

Tri-Truss Cantilever

Widely used for shading vehicles, our Tri-Truss Cantilever structures are also ideal for shading areas where the columns need to be placed out of the way.

hip-t-canti-single Royal Tents & Shades

Hip T-Cantilever

The Hip T-Cantilever can effectively provide a large area of shade without obstructing walkways or seating areas beneth. This structure is great for bleachers, sidewalks, bus stops, and benches.

Royal Tents & Shades


One of our most cost-effective and versatile designs, Hip structures are available in sizes from 120 to 1,600 square feet and can be joined to create even larger shaded spaces.

smaller-super-span-hip Royal Tents & Shades

Super Span Hip

Our Super Span structures are one of the largest standard shade designs available and are ideal for shading big spaces like playground structures, basketball courts, tennis courts, and more.

Royal Tents & Shade


Our Pyramid structures feature a clean, peak roof design, ideal for shading outdoor seating, play areas, and more.

wave Royal Tents & Shades


Designed to mimic the look of a wave, our Wave structure features a peak-and-valley shape, and is ideal for aquatic and park areas requiring plenty of shade.

smaller-super-span-pyramid Royal Tents & Shades

Super Span Pyramid Multi-Level Multi-Panel

The Super Span Pyramid Multi-Level Multi-Panel structure provides plenty of shade for large outdoor spaces and has multiple layers of fabric for a signature look.

mariner-pyramid Royal Tents & Shades

Mariner Pyramid

With upper and lower overlapping fabrics, our Mariner Pyramid structure provides the shade protection of our standard Pyramid, but with the additional modern aesthetics.

mariner-pyramid Royal Tents & Shades

Mariner Peak

The Mariner Peak is a multi-panel structure providing similar shade coverage to that of a Hip or Pyramid structure. The integration of multi-sized shade panels provides a unique aesthetic.

hip-multi-panel Royal Tents & Shades

Hip Multi-Panel

The Hip Multi-Panel has four panels of fabric that can be customized with different colors to match a theme, brand, or school.

pyramid Royal Tents & Shades

Pyramid Multi-Panel

This structure provides a different take on our standard Pyramid. With four separate fabric panels, you can choose colors to match your location or theme.

slant-hip Royal Tents & Shades

Slant Hip

Sloped in an upward direction from front to back, this structural design accommodates the typical bleacher seating common at most ballpark complexes, with minimal obstruction from the columns.

Super Span Hip Multi-Panel

The Super Span Hip Multi-Panel covers large outdoor spaces and features multiple fabric panels with the option to choose multiple colors in this design.


The Sahara is a new take on the Hip design; it offers the same functionality as our standard structures with four columns and internal framing, the conical shape adds aesthetics to any park or school.

hip-extended Royal Tents & Shades

Hip Extended

The Hip Extended is a great shade option for a very large area like a basketball court, multiple play areas, wide walkways, and more.

try6-column-super-span-hip Royal Tents & Shades

6-Column Super Span Hip

Our massive 6-Column Super Span structures provide extended shade for outdoor basketball courts, large playgrounds, automotive/RV storage facilities, car wash detail areas, pools, outdoor seating.

wrap-around-hip Royal Tents & Shades

Wrap Around Hip

Wrap Around Hips are a great way to extend shade coverage down walkways, bus pick-up areas, outdoor seating, and more.

small-wrap-around-canti Royal Tents & Shades

Wrap Around Cantilever

This shade structure is designed to “wrap around” bleachers and dugout areas for baseball and softball fields. Fans can watch the games without worrying about the sun or column obstruction.