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At Royal Tents & Shades. we have the expertise for all types of steel structures, aluminum and stainless steel with fabric types covering PTFE, PVC, PVDF, HDPE, KNITTED, ACRYLIC, Polythene, Canvas and tarpaulins. We excel in making Car Parking Shades, Swimming Pool Shades, School Shades, Roof Shades, Sitting Area Shades, Mosque Shades, Frame Tents, Awnings, Canopies , Beach Umbrellas, Pickup Covers, Family Tents, Camping Tents, Pop-up Tents, Canvas Tents, Wedding Tents, Party Tents, Military Tents, Swill Cottage Tents, Canopies, Marquees, Kids Tents, Patio Umbrellas, Big Warehouse Sheds, Factory Sheds, Asphalt Work etc.

We have developed and installed innovative membrane structures in the Middle East which cover a broad range of projects size, scope, and complexity. Royal Tents & Shades ensures design, development, and delivery of the world’s most innovative tensioned membrane products representing quality, progress, imagination, and leadership.


Our team of well trained technicians and fabricators work in collaboration to achieve their goal of constructing a high-quality product, all the way from the initial design through various stages of manufacturing, up to the final site installation. All our products are intrinsically designed in compliance with the highest international manufacturing standards for professional use, to withstand rigorous environmental conditions and provide utmost protection from sun and ultra-violet rays.


We specialize in the design, manufacture, and installation of a wide array of applications to suit your Car Parking Shade requirements. From fully waterproof structures to basic shading paraphernalia, our Car parking shades are widely appreciated by our clients for negligible maintenance and easy installation. Be it Net, PVC, OTFE, Acrylic, K-span, GRP, or Aluminum Louvers, our products are available in various dimensions and customized sizes, catering to the individual needs of our clients.


We aspire to produce world-class tensile shades structures, which are kept relatively light in weight by deriving their structural stability from their pre-stressed shape, instead of the mass of the material used. We specialize in building all sorts of tensile structures, and our expert team offers a comprehensive range of services from load analysis, detail design, concept design, manufacturing, and installation to ensure that all our clients receive the best professional service.


Royal Tents & Shades brings to you an enormous collection of tents that are designed to be sturdy, flexible and optimally functional. We specialize in offering our just-in-time and gigantic capacity of manufacturing tents that have helped us deliver durable tents to our buyers in record time. Perfect, made-to-order products, our refugee tents are designed to be sturdy, lightweight and long lasting. You can continue to use them for years in all hospitable and challenging environments without the slightest problem.


Cabana or Cabaña may refer to either an “indigenous hut” or a “recreational structure”. A Small hut built with a thatched roof, most commonly built in tropical climates near natural bodies of water. Thatching the craft of building a roof with dry vegetation. Such as straw, water reed, sedge, rushes, heather, or palm branches, layering the vegetation. So as to shed water away from the inner roof. Since the bulk of the vegetation stays dry and is densely packed—trapping air—thatching also functions as insulation.


A mashrabiya is a discernible feature from the ancient architecture that signifies the abstract language of the building. Artzinium UAE, aims in transforming aluminum mashrabiya, into a magnum opus piece of art, which are designed exquisitely, adding a distinct theme to traditional architecture. The industry of civil engineering has come a long way from just constructing common building structures to creating masterpieces containing intellectual content, fulfilling ecological demands as well as meeting economic and functional needs.


A gazebo is a pavilion structure, sometimes octagonal or turret-shaped, often built in a park, garden or spacious public area. They are sometimes used as a bandstand. Gazebos are freestanding or attached to a garden wall, roofed, and open on all sides. They provide shade, shelter from rain and a place to rest, while acting as an ornamental feature. Some gazebos in public parks are large enough to serve as a bandstand. Gazebos overlap with pavilions, kiosks, Alhambra’s, belvederes, follies, gloriettes, pergolas, and rotundas.


Our kiosks are built from scratch by our own industry experts, ensuring intricate engineering and reliability. As we own the entire in-house process, we can guide our clients by creating robust solutions that help reach their specific needs. Driven by our hard work, passion and dedication, we have now been deemed one of the leading mall kiosk manufacturers in Dubai and the world at large.

GRC (Glass Reinforced Concrete)

In order to understand what the glass-fiber reinforced cement is, it is the best way to explain what this material made out of. GRC is the composition of mortar and alkaline resistant glass fibers. Easy at the reproduction of the shaper and details. Quality at the surface texture. It’s light weight. Easy to handle. Earthquake resistant due to its engineered fixing system. Ultra-high strength in compression and tension.

GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic)

GRP or Glass Reinforced Polyester is a composite material that contains grassfires that are embedded in a synthetic polyester resin. The fibers are usually found in the form of mats strands, chopped strands, as well as in other forms. Or in other words, GRP is a fiber reinforced polymer or a composite material that is made from plastic. Which is then been reinforced with fine fiber made from glass.


Royal Tents & Shades is set up with an experienced group of experts in Architectural works. A metal solution in the construction of stainless steel balustrade manufacture and suppliers in UAE. It consists of a wide range of products made up of Stainless steel, Aluminum. Brass, Titanium coated stainless steel and other specialized best quality materials. It’s used in Airports, Malls, Business center, High ends user villas, Lifts, escalators, and corporate offices.


A mask is usually an outermost part of a building, usually in front of the front. This is a foreign loan word from French Fawkes, which means “Frontage” or “Face”. In architecture, the mask of a building is often the most important aspect of a design approach, because it sets the tone for the rest of the building. From the engineering standpoint of a building, due to its effect on energy efficiency, a mask is also of great importance. Car Parking Shades manufacturers/ Suppliers in Dubai/ UAE


Fabric canopies and awnings create comfortable, attractive outdoor areas for people to gather, while staying protected from the sun. Not to mention, fabric structures are great during inclement weather, and are easier and more economical to maintain and build than wood structures and comparable masonry. In addition, canopies and awnings protect carpets, drapes, and furniture from fading due to UV Rays.


Perfect, made-to-order products, our refugee tents are designed to be sturdy, lightweight and long lasting. You can continue to use them for years in all hospitable and challenging environments without the slightest problem. We have a gallery full of them wherefrom you can take your pick. But if you do not find anything matching your specific requirements, please let us know and we will build you a tent that meets your custom specification to the last detail. Car Parking Shades manufacturers/ Suppliers in Dubai/ UAE


Royal Tents N Shades offers high-end structural metal and steel and aluminum fabrication services in UAE and all over Middle East. As a Steel manufacturer and fabrication company, we execute our services with the steel and aluminum products and make doors, stairs, handrails, fire-rated doors, interior and furnishing works, cupboards, structural steel scaffolding works, fabricated furniture, and gates.


Royal Tents N Shades provide all kind of Shades Solutions in all over the UAE. We provide Supply and Installation of Car Parking Shades, Tensile Structure Shades, Pergola Shades, Shade Sails, Outdoor Umbrella Shades, Awning Shades, Retractable Shades, Canopy Shades, Gazebo Tents, Modern Design Tents, Stylish Tents & Shades. We are building shades from years and provide high quality and highly engineered shades. Car Parking Shades manufacturers/ Suppliers in Dubai/ UAE


Employing the most state of the art computer-aided design tools, our team of expert designers are capable of accurately and quickly realizing your design ambitions and goals in industry-standard formats, ensuring rapid transmission of data and prompt electronic transfer of information to our computer-controlled fabrication facility and plotter-cutter machines. Our experienced design team is capable of custom designing one-of-a-kind architectural structures to cater to even the most unusual or challenging of requirements.

Our production space is outfitted with the most cutting-edge technology and complete set of facilities to sew and cut fabric panels to perfection and leverage only high frequency machinery for PTFE and PVC materials. In addition, our workshops are equipped with all the latest equipment, including painting facility, drilling units, roll benders, and welding stations. Strongest seams pertinent to the individual fabric heat sealing radio frequency (RF) sealing are utilized in the fabrication of our tensile shades structures.

We offer shades and tent installation services across the globe. It is not just about the structure – which offers maximum protection, our designs also look aesthetically pleasing to the human eye. Whether you want shades and tent installation in your home, office, in a parking lot, a Masjid, or even a stadium, Royal Tents & Shades will provide you with diversified options that will help you decide the perfect fit for you. Furthermore, our shades and tents give protection from harmful UV rays.

A well-installed shade, tent, or even a canopy is the best investment you can make. If you do not take the necessary measures to protect it, it will not last for longer time. Royal Tents & Shades provides you the maintenance of shades, tents, canopy, umbrella etc. Proper cleaning, caring, and storing your shades and tent will make them long-lasting and will save your time and money for buying a new one.

So, you have a tear, a hole in your tent/shade? Worry not. We can repair that for you. What about replacing zips, windows, pegging, or even mud skirts? Yes, we do that too. We provide a wide range of tent, shade, umbrella, and canopy repairs. If you find a hole or tear in your tent/shade, do let us know. We will send out experts who will repair it for you.

Let us help you refurbish, renovate, and remodel your shades and tents. A full-service repair and renovate service for your family-owned or even a professional shade that you have in your office. We will be glad to refurbish that for you. Our experts are passionate and hard-working and will not let you down.

Why Royal Tents & Shades?
Royal Tents & Shades is a comprehensive construction resource, offering customers preconstruction services, product education, manufacturing, installation and long-term customer service of fabric structures.
We have successfully completed many projects such as Ministry of education & schools, Hotels/Resorts, Mosques, Stadiums, Commercial and Residential Areas, walk-way shades, Sitting Area Shades, Mall shades, car park shades, swimming pool, play area, Stadium Shades, Entrance Shades, Canopies, Awnings, Umbrellas and various shades structures within the short span of time, since we are in existence. Quality is the Hallmark of our expanding work line. Car Parking Shades manufacturers/ Suppliers in Dubai/ UAE
We dish out quality finished Products, on time, making us a force to reckon within the shade industry.

Royal Tents & Shades is continuously serving middle east nations since last 30 years with its products focusing on a traditional heritage of gulf.
Royal tents & Shades specializes in projects of tensile fabric structures. we intend to provide the market with high-quality product and service, with highly skilled and experienced technical force.
The people of Royal Tents & Shades have a wide range of experience in design, manufacturing, and installation of tensile structure in UAE and neighboring countries (Saudi, Qatar, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain).
The factory of Royal Tents & Shades is located in AJMAN, UAE, with full-fledged facility for design, manufacturing, and installation of tensile membrane Structures. We have the facility to manufacture steel and fabric, in-house.

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